A DIY stepper-motor robot and free software to play chess with your linux pc

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This is the Ecologic Web-Ring where this site is hosted for free

It's also full of other electronic projects, web-blogs, free software, photo-gallery, crazy stuff, etc

***** G U E S T B O O K *****



    Nov 2007


intellicore A site where all kind of robotics is exposed in attracting and easy readable way.

Jun 2006

Boardnation Chess Computer Community

boardnation-com boardnation-com2 Recently we got a post on this techy chess forum. Thanks for the add, guys !!

Nov 2007


blog Blog of the Boylston Chess Club in Massachusetts. "One of my favorite chess blog"

Jun 2006


chessthegame Beautiful site talking about chess people and tricks. A bit full of ads, but interesting ;)

May 2006


roboclub-ru Our robot project is well described in this cool robotics resource collection site.
This site is written in russian language. I´ve had problems with automatic translators.

May 2006


robots-net robots-net2 I´m proud of beeing in the homepage of this prime site in robotics from June 2006.
Now this fantastic web site wrote e new article about our chess robot.

Feb 2009


linuxlinks-com linuxlinks-com2 Archive repoitory of open source software with a huge collection of free games.

May 2006


root-cz Czech web site about software, linux and everything around the Information Technology.
GNU Linux, Free/Open Source Software, cool geek articles, forums, etc ...now robotics, too.

Sep 2008


robotster-org robotster-org2 Interesting web site specialized in entertainment, science, and hobby.
Thank you for your support: we love spontaneous chess robot interest!

Jun 2006


maysville The web site a Linux Users Group with a large link collection. Thanks guys !!

Lug 2006


swik-net A complete repository of open-source projects with a section dedicated to chess playing.

Lug 2006


softpedia-com softpedia-com2 One of the best sites collecting free software for pc and handhelds on the Internet.
From 2006 they collect games informations and links and now in 2009, after a
recent relaease, they updated Joshua chess robot informations.

Feb 2009


closetgrandmaster This blog is rich of a true chess passion and we are proud to get a post here.
There are a lot of interesting articles about the world of chess game.

Feb 2009


twine-com twine-com2 Some friends put us on this cool link directory in occasion of a new release.
All the Robotics Mechatronics AI section was very interesting.

Feb 2009


wareseeker-com This directory linked us with a short description of our free software project.

Gen 2009


nixbit-com Very browsable free linux free software directory. Good robotics post !!

Aug 2007


oschina-net With v0.1.6a release also a web site from China linked out website.
We are very happy to see China intereted in our project and in chess and robotics in general.

Feb 2009

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